Is everything handmade? Yes, Jana paints each letter by hand, and we never stencil our work. Jana also does all of the decorative paintings. Peter does all the design, construction, laying–out, and finishing, as well as all of the furniture and folk art. All pieces are made in-house, and nothing is ever sub-contracted out.

Do you have a retail store? No, we don’t, but we have a small showroom at our home that is open by appointment. We are generally here, but we ask that you call or email ahead to make sure before you come by. If you come, you are welcome to browse or buy any of our pieces on hand, or pick up an order. Please call or email us at straffordhouse@verizon.net.

How do you handle shipping? Most of the signs can be shipped via UPS.  Shipping is calculated when you check out. Some of our larger and more fragile pieces, such as carvings, birdhouses and furniture, are offered on a pick-up basis only.

If I order a sign, will it be exactly as shown in the picture? Most of our signs can be reproduced to look just like the one pictured on the website. But, since each piece is done on old materials, no two are exactly alike. Sometimes the materials used on the piece pictured are unique, be it either paint or construction. So when ordering, you will be advised as to what to expect.

When buying from Current Inventory, will I be getting that exact sign? Yes, the signs offered in the Current Inventory and Sale categories are the exact pieces you will receive.

Why do you have so many Nantucket signs? As summer visitors of Nantucket for the past 23 years, it is a place near and dear to our hearts. We also have been exhibitors at the Nantucket Art and Artisans show every July for nearly as long. Many of our Nantucket signs feature various places on the island, as well as the iconic whale that is so popular there.

Can your signs go outside? While many of signs are made on old pieces such as shutters and barn boards that were originally outdoors, we generally recommend not putting our signs outside unless they have been treated for the weather. If we are making a sign for you that we know you are putting outside, then we can usually make it and treat it such that it can withstand the weather, generally at no extra charge. Please remember that outdoor wooden signs typically require some annual maintenance to extend their life.

Can signs be customized? Yes, most of our designs can be customized, be it in the design, lettering or size. Please ask about how we can personalize a sign just for you.

Do you make custom signs, furniture or cabinetry? Yes, we make custom pieces for customers all of the time. We just need your ideas, pictures, and sketches. If you aren't sure of what you want, we can readily help you in the design process. Usually all we need is a picture to get us started. Please contact us to discuss.

Are the sizes listed exact? For the current inventory pieces, yes. For signs to be ordered, approximate sizes are listed.  If we are making a piece just for you, we can usually adapt the size to suit your needs.